Dark Ocean


"Awesome and addicting book"

—Gracie (age 11)

“This book is super good. It was so interesting that I would stay up until or past midnight reading. So wonderful I read the whole trilogy in about 1-2 months.”

"Great book! I loved it."

Evelyn (14)

"This book is very good! Very adventurous and exciting. I loved it! I recommend to everyone."

"A fun adventure to steal your imagination!"

—Brad K.

“I just finished reading it with my 9 year-old. He loved it!”

"Thrilling adventure! Highly recommend!"

—Kirsten C.

"Excellent book! So well written and incredibly thrilling.... you are at the edge of your seat throughout the whole book waiting to see what happens next. I could not put this down and literally read it cover to cover within a couple days!! Highly recommend!"

Dark Ocean


"Highly recommend this adventure series"

—Kirsten C.

"Excellent adventure that will keep you flipping the pages! I can’t put this series down!!!! Highly recommend!"

"Oh. My. Word! Seriously couldn't put it down." —Cindy P.

"If you liked The Chronicles of Narnia… and The Lord of the Rings… you’ll love this book. Mr. Anderson brings together the best of both stories." —Pat D.

"Literally, read the whole book in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed Battles Grim. Hope this isn't trite, but it reminds me of Lewis and Tolkien." —Mark O. 

Dark Ocean


"This book is absolutely thrilling. I highly recommend it. The Horse Boy is an engaging character and his encounters have surprising turns. This is my favorite book written by this author!" —K. A.

"This book has it all: adventure, romance, hope, despair, pirates, a special horse (which I really like) and the continual fight between good and evil." —Lynn H.

"Excellent fantasy tale with refreshing twists and turns. This is perfect for those who crave adventure, suspense, and entering new worlds. I like how this is written with clean language and yet contains so much intensity!"

—Jennifer S.

Homeschool Book Review Blog


Special thanks to Wayne Walker of Home School Book Review Blog, for taking time to read and give a wonderful 5-star review for Tombs of Dross.

"With its emphasis on strength and courage, endurance and faith, friendship and trust, it definitely has a “Chronicles of Narnia/Lord of the Rings”-ish type of feel to it.

Some fighting and killing occur, so the intensity level would be PG, with a suggested age from 10 and up.  A childish slang term for the human posterior is sometimes found, but no cursing or profanity is used.  It is a good read for youngsters and adults alike, and highly recommended as a compelling, delightful book for all those who love full-fledged fantasy adventure tales of hope and friendship in the midst of danger and trial, with a budding romance to muddle things up.  The last chapter is a real cliff hanger, setting the stage for the sequels, Battles Grim: Book 2, and Pillars and Power: Book 3."

—Wayne Walker