Tombs of Dross

The Lorian Stones Trilogy, Book I

Hunted, stranded, shipwrecked, sold, and betrayed … all to find an old book and realize who you really are.


After discovering a mysterious stone pillar, Isaac, Zac, and Breezy find themselves fighting for their lives in a strange and perilous world, unaware of the disruption they bring. Hunted by the immortal Lord Sasson, the teens forsake all to pursue an ancient quest in hopes of returning home. Together with some misfit rebels and a giant lynx named Nusa, they battle over land and sea while learning who they are and the ultimate sacrifice they must make.


Lew Anderson creates a captivating world of intrigue and suspense-filled action in this first book of The Lorian Stones Trilogy, a family-friendly series for upper elementary to young adult.

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Award-Winning Audiobook

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Children – Audiobook Category

Silver Medal Winner


I absolutely loved it!

My son (age 12) was absolutely captivated by the story, and after we finished together, decided to read it by himself.



Anderson keeps listeners' attention from the start by giving varied voices to all of his characters and beasts. Some have gentle lilts, and others have deep pitches and loud volumes.


Anderson exquisitely paints a captivating world while maintaining the fast-paced storyline. Listeners young and old will enjoy this family-friendly adventure.