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Meet Lew Anderson


Lew and his family spent six years in Asia as missionaries, returning to pastor a church in MN. He has four adult children, a growing number of grandchildren, and has been happily married to one amazing woman for the past forty years. When not writing, he  enjoys the mountains of southern Idaho, especially with skis, bikes, and kayaks.


He writes for Christian kids wanting action-based stories with a Biblical worldview. Good versus Evil, faith over doubt, perseverance in all things, friendship and trust, self-sacrifice and doing what’s right regardless the cost are some of the major themes.


"I hope to inspire young readers to put their trust in God no matter how dark a day gets, to set their confidence in his love for them, and know that he has their best interest always on His mind."


If your kids enjoyed The Chronicles of Narnia and now want something more dangerous, while learning to stand strong in their faith, they'll love these books.

Joyous blessings, 

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Giving Back

20% of proceeds will help kids around the world have clean water, good food, and a safe bed.


While living in Northern Asia, I enjoyed helping impoverished schools. Often I’d be the first ‘white man’ these mountainous villages had ever seen. After receiving my M.A. in the Philippines, we returned to the States, but my heart is still up there in the mountains with those kids. 

Thank you for helping!

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