Meet Lew Anderson

I tend to write family-friendly, yet intense and engaging adventure fantasy for upper elementary and young adult readers. My prayer is these quality Christian-based books help both young and old hear the heart of God. 

My favorite stories are when the heroes are true heroes — refined in the fires of adversity, pushed beyond limits, the world’s fate teetering on their battered shoulders … and of course, a budding romance to muddle things up.

I grew up enjoying whatever adventures I found or imagined in the backwoods of my family’s farm. With trusty knife and bow, I’d walk beneath the trees, losing countless arrows aimed at elusive prey. 

I have always loved writing, as I believe we were meant to be creative, and then share our talent for others to enjoy. Many underestimate their natural gifts, fearing failure or criticism. I encourage you to explore those riches — dream big, work hard, and never give up.



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Helping the Helpless

Fighting worldwide hunger, thirst, and human trafficking, especially among children.


Our family spent six years in Northern Asia helping impoverished schools while teaching English. Often I’d be the first ‘white man’ these mountainous villagers had ever seen. After receiving my M.A. in the Philippines, I returned to pastor a church in my home state of Minnesota, where I still enjoy roaming the woods today. 


Having spent time working with impoverished children, I now give 50% of my book sales net proceeds to help kids have clean water, good food, and a safe bed.

Thank you for helping!