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Sequel: Journey to Hokka Du

Excited to introduce the latest sequel to the Lorian Stones Trilogy - "Journey to Hokka Du."

The final edit is now done! (My deepest appreciation to my sister Lynn, who has faithfully, meticulously, edited each of my books - over 800k words.) The book cover is in the sketch stage, and so formatting (for ebook and paperback versions) comes next.

For you who have read the trilogy, you might remember references to Hokka Du being a land of ice and sand, as well as mythical creatures.

The sequel takes place several months after the fall of Skone Lor. Carns are rarely seen, parlords roam in small bands making trouble, and the teens, or the Rone of Three as they're called, struggle to gain and hold respect as they work to rebuild the kingdom of Northern Loria.

Hostile kingdoms still lurk, enemies of Loria still fester, and some within the Karmalyn council still question the leadership of three teens who've come from an unknown land.

While enjoying a game of Lorian chess, Zac, Breezy and Seoni hear the distance wail of a signal horn. Isaac and Eryn, standing atop their favorite turret each tense at the sound, hearts quickening as the droning call wavers over the fledgling fortress city.

This book, like the trilogy, is a full-length story (99k words) brimming with perilous adventures, mishaps, monsters, nasty parlords, an evil queen, a skleem pit, and some ugly nar-gool, to name a few.

Tried and tested, the teens hold true, though the night gets dark, and the way treacherous.

I'm really looking forward to getting this one in print for those of you who've read the trilogy.

Will keep you posted.

Blessings, and thanks to all of you who have helped make this happen.


Rough sketch for possible cover.

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