Yodin the Rescuer and the Goddess of Eyos


When thirteen-year-old Yodin Baewolf opens a mysterious old book, his world becomes what he reads. Launched into a land of monsters, man-beasts, and Woe Shadows, all seeking to end his young life, he fights to rescue a young goddess and her kingdom, learning who he is, and the price of standing up for those who cannot.

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Awarded 5 Stars 


Great adventure, hard to put down. Read to your grandkids! They will love it.


I loved this fast-paced, monster-packed adventure with an exciting story that presents heartfelt solutions to some of life’s messy.



Awarded 5 Stars 


This work of Christian fiction skillfully weaves the theme of faith into determining the outcome by making it an integral element in the fantasy world’s fate. Lew Anderson has created a true young adult Christian fantasy adventure.


There is so much we have to consider in Yodin the Rescuer, which is one of this novel's strong points. Consider the interaction between Yodin and Adrusala. The young goddess speaks with a high level of maturity as would be expected from a ruler. Yodin, being young and confused, tries to make sense of the situation he has been thrown into, and the reader pictures him as a young man on the brink of spiritual and emotional transformation.


This is a story that everyone should read, as it renews your confidence in the power that connects faith to self-confidence. 

— Reviewed by Vincent Dublado for Readers' Favorite®

Wow! I will tell you right off the bat that this book grabbed my attention immediately and kept it without any problem. 


The Biblical worldview underlying the plot, with Christian concepts such as perseverance, self-sacrifice, and the power of praise, is plainly evident without being “preachy.”



This book took me on a journey akin to the times when I would sit and read Narnia while on vacation — or out loud to my kids.


Anderson has a gift that continues to develop in his authorship and spiritual insights.


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