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For Us…

A Farm Boy • A Persian Princess • An Island 

Action Romance Novella

An adventure story with intrigue, romance, and a spritzing of fairy tale.


Shipwrecked, stranded, desolate, pursued…


When Jake jumped from the sinking ship, he plunged into more than just a dark stormy sea. Stranded alone with a Muslim princess, the two must work together to survive the dangers of a desolate island, and those that pursue them.


Chivalry, endurance, the pain of courage, and the price of enduring love, For Us is about staying true to one’s conviction, even when trapped beneath the ominous eye of Death.

EBOOK  $ 2.99

 One of my favorites by author Lew Anderson. Romance and action make great companions in this novel. I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end.


Written with integrity so if your teen should read it, you wouldn't object.


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