The Fire Between Us

Action Romance Novella

A Farm Boy • A Persian Princess • An Island

After jumping ship, Jake and Misha fight to survive the open sea. Although crammed together, they are worlds apart — he a farm boy, she a Persian princess. Finding land, they must continue their awkward struggle, learning more of each other’s world.


When Misha’s bodyguard washes ashore — his corpse bullet-ridden, Jake goes on full alert, soon learning rescue isn’t what he’d hoped. Against all odds, he must pay the price of chivalry and forbidden love.


A clean adventure romance intended for guys, with mild violence and adult situations, The Fire Between Us is about staying true to both conviction and desire.

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 One of my favorites by author Lew Anderson. Romance and action make great companions in this novel. I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end.


Written with integrity so if your teen should read it, you wouldn't object.