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Pillars and Power book cover
PAPERBACK  $ 15.99
EBOOK  $ 6.99

Pillars and Power

The Lorian Stones Trilogy, Book III

Captured, crowned, besieged, and betokened … then left for dead.


Pillars and Power is the culminating saga of Isaac, Zac, and Breezy as they resolve to follow their calling and somehow bring the wicked Lord Sasson to his just end. Although the trail behind is stained with blood and tears, the trials ahead will make all they’ve endured seem as trifles tossed from the nether gloom.


Always watching, the immortal lord unleashes the heinous hordes of Skone Lor, summoning his deadly carns, giant black hornets, and the dreadful fire-worm.


Compelled by hope and love, the teens brave an arena of monsters, attacks of death-men, and a city under siege. Realizing they must sacrifice all to save Loria and their friends, they fight strong to the end, striving to trust no matter what, and boldly face their foe with ‘a heart for any fate.’

Lew Anderson creates a captivating world in The Lorian Stones Trilogy, a family-friendly series of intrigue and suspense-filled action that teaches hope, trust, and resolute perseverance. For ages 10 and up.

It will have you reading late into the night, unable to put it down. 


The integrity of the world Anderson created vibrates through the plot. Love.


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