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Misty Grey

Young Adult Action Thriller

Gifted with a perfect memory, sixteen-year-old misfit Misty Grey wishes only to forget her troubled past. Despising her ‘memory curse,’ she longs for a normal life with her mother and little brother—to feel safe inside, no longer a freak, to find a reason to keep breathing, and maybe even… find love. 


But when an international syndicate takes her captive, she must fight for every breath. Hunted as a fugitive, she and a young man race to warn the authorities before it’s too late. Sacrificing all, Misty confronts the powers bent on stopping her, no matter the price, no matter the pain.


At what cost do you still do the right thing?


Misty Grey is a clean YA action-adventure of a teen girl who displays steadfast courage amid harrowing trials, discovering who she is and what it means to be loved.

PAPERBACK  $ 10.99
EBOOK  $ 4.99

An adventure with a strong female lead, Misty Grey is a fun escape. I enjoyed the action!


As a huge fan of suspense & mystery novels, I was a little skeptical to read a YA. But two chapters into the novel and I was hooked. Superb characters, a dab of conspiracy and a ton a page-turning action!


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