Horse Boy

The Lorian Chronicles, Prequel

Join the adventurous journey of a young teen boy and his horse as they encounter new worlds and face relentless dangers, seeking a place to call home.

Rejected by his people, 14-year-old Red and his horse, Faster, who understands speech, struggle to survive in a cruel world. When they rescue an enchanting girl from the talons of a giant eagle, horse and boy are cast into an ancient battle.


Fighting for their lives, their nation, and the girl’s faraway kingdom, they must confront pirates, ferocious monsters, and a malefic ruler bent on ending Red’s life. Compelled by love and loyalty, he wagers all, doing what only a born hero would do.

Lew Anderson creates a captivating world of intrigue and suspense-filled action in this first volume of The Lorian Chronicles, a family-friendly series for upper elementary to young adult. 

Parental Guidance: This story contains fighting and mild violence.

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Awarded 5 Stars 


"The high fantasy world Lew Anderson has created is a stunning and vivid reality that provides a consistent backdrop with dangers including monsters and pirates. The world comes to life through the language, environment, and culture woven throughout the story …. The beauty found in the details is a clear example of the solid writing style such as 'twilight’s last glow, the ship slowly melding into the horizon, the cavern of nightmares, and the morning buzzing with life and song.'


Anderson features subtle but strong themes throughout Red's journey. The first is the struggle against evil which is apparent throughout the various war elements and the evil Red fights against. Another repetitive theme is mercy. Anderson succeeds in creating poignant moments …. These small interludes speak volumes as they resonate while you continue to read and make Horse Boy a truly special story. A fast-paced adventure that explores a beautiful and dangerous world and delivers a hero's journey that will be hard to forget. 

— Reviewed by Liz Konkel for Readers' Favorite®

A fast-paced adventure that explores a beautiful and dangerous world and delivers a hero's journey that will be hard to forget.

5 Star Review from Readers' Favorite®

This is perfect for those who crave adventure, suspense, and entering new worlds.


Reading this to my 8 year old grandson for bedtime. We read a few chapters every night, and he's always begging for another. Not sure who likes the story more, him or me.