Horse Boy

The Lorian Chronicles, Prequel

Join the adventurous journey of a young teen boy and his horse as they encounter new worlds and face relentless dangers, seeking a place to call home.

Rejected by his people, 14-year-old Red and his horse, Faster, who understands speech, struggle to survive in a cruel world. When they rescue an enchanting girl from the talons of a giant eagle, horse and boy are cast into an ancient battle.


Fighting for their lives, their nation, and the girl’s faraway kingdom, they must confront pirates, ferocious monsters, and a malefic ruler bent on ending Red’s life. Compelled by love and loyalty, he wagers all, doing what only a born hero would do.

Lew Anderson creates a captivating world of intrigue and suspense-filled action in this first volume of The Lorian Chronicles, a family-friendly series for upper elementary to young adult. 

Parental Guidance: This story contains fighting and mild violence.

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This is perfect for those who crave adventure, suspense, and entering new worlds.


Reading this to my 8 year old grandson for bedtime. We read a few chapters every night, and he's always begging for another. Not sure who likes the story more, him or me.