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Battles Grim book cover, teen boy with sword facing four-legged beasts under moonlight
PAPERBACK  $ 16.00

Battles Grim

The Lorian Stones Trilogy, Book II

Battles Grim continues the epic journey of Isaac, Zac, and Breezy — three young teens who fight for their lives in a land of mystery and danger. Stalked by the parlord Armadon, they collude with giants, boldly face hideous drogs, even endure the terror of Black Howl, all in hopes of finding their way home. In this second book, faith meets fear as courage is tested in the deep night of the soul.


Beneath the relentless hand of Lord Sasson, the teens press on into the very jowls of death, learning to trust in themselves and the power above. Be warned! This book is not for the faint of heart. Enter only with a good weapon at your side and dauntless courage simmering in your soul.


Lew Anderson creates a captivating world in The Lorian Stones Trilogy, a family-friendly series of intrigue and suspense-filled action that teaches hope, trust, and resolute perseverance. For ages 10 and up.

I can’t put this series down!!!! Highly recommend!


Couldn't put it down. Literally, read the whole book in one sitting. Reminds me of Lewis and Tolkien.


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