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Hunted, stranded, shipwrecked, sold, and betrayed… all to find an old book and realize who you really are.


After discovering a mysterious stone pillar, Isaac, Zac, and Breezy find themselves fighting for their lives in a strange and perilous world, unaware of the disruption they bring. Hunted by the immortal Lord Sasson, the teens forsake all to pursue an ancient quest in hopes of returning home. Together with some misfit rebels and a giant lynx named Nusa, they battle over land and sea while learning who they are and the ultimate sacrifice they must make.


Lew Anderson creates a captivating world of intrigue and suspense-filled action in this first book of The Lorian Stones Trilogy, a family-friendly series for upper elementary to young adult.


"Highly recommended as a compelling, delightful book for all those who love full-fledged fantasy adventure tales of hope and friendship in the midst of danger and trial." —Wayne Walker (Homeschool Book Review)

“I have rated many books on amazon, and this is one of my favorites.” —Pastor Tony Vietti

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Battles Grim continues the epic journey of Isaac, Zac, and Breezy—three young teens who fight for their lives in a land of mystery and danger. Stalked by the parlord Armadon, they collude with giants, boldly face hideous drogs, even endure the terror of Black Howl, all in hopes of finding their way home. In this second book, faith meets fear as courage is tested in the deep night of the soul. Beneath the relentless hand of Lord Sasson, the teens press on into the very jowls of death, learning to trust in themselves and the power above.


“Couldn't put it down. Literally, read the whole book in one sitting. Reminds me of Lewis and Tolkien.” —Pastor Mark Olson


Lew Anderson creates a captivating world in The Lorian Stones Trilogy, a family-friendly series of intrigue and suspense-filled action that teaches hope, trust, and resolute perseverance. For upper elementary to young adult.


Be warned! This book is not for the faint of heart. Enter only with a good weapon at your side and dauntless courage simmering in your soul.

“I can’t put this series down!!!! Highly recommend!” —Kirsten

Pillars and Power is the final book of The Lorian Stones Trilogy. It begins where Book 2, Battles Grim, left our three teens within their own world. Although the road behind them is stained with blood and tears, the road ahead makes all they’ve endured seem as trifles dispensed from the realms of nether gloom. In Pillars and Power the teens must face the heinous breath of hell, its venomous forces unleashed with relentless spite. In hopes of seeing the wicked reign of Sasson end, the teens follow the path of obedience straight into the den of darkness, sacrificing themselves to the very end, yet always with ‘a heart for any fate.’  (Intensity level is PG, with suggested age from 10 and up.)

"It will have you reading late into the night…" —Lynn H.

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Join the adventurous journey of a young teen boy and his horse as they encounter new worlds and face relentless dangers, seeking a place to call home. 


Rejected by his people, 14-year-old Red and his horse, Faster, who understands speech, struggle to survive in a cruel world. When they rescue an enchanting girl from the talons of a giant eagle, horse and boy are cast into an ancient battle. Fighting for their lives, their nation, and the girl’s faraway kingdom, they must confront pirates, ferocious monsters, and a malefic ruler bent on ending Red’s life. Compelled by love and loyalty, he wagers all, doing what only a born hero would do.


“This book has it all: adventure, romance, hope, despair, pirates, a special horse (which I really like) and the continual fight between good and evil.”  


Lew Anderson creates a captivating world of intrigue and suspense-filled action in this first volume of The Lorian Chronicles, a family-friendly series for upper elementary to young adult. 

(Parental warning: This story contains fighting and mild violence.)

"Reading this to my 8 year old grandson for bedtime. We read a few chapters every night, and he's always begging for another. Not sure who likes the story more, him or me." —Brad K.

"This is perfect for those who crave adventure, suspense, and entering new worlds."

—Jennifer S.


An Action Romance Novella


After jumping ship, Jake and Misha fight to survive the open sea. Although crammed together, they are worlds apart—he a farm boy, she a Persian princess. Finding land, they must continue their awkward struggle, learning more of each other’s world. When Misha’s bodyguard washes ashore—his corpse bullet-ridden, Jake goes on full alert, soon learning rescue isn’t what he’d hoped. Against all odds, he must pay the price of chivalry and forbidden love.


A clean adventure romance intended for guys, with mild violence and adult situations, The Fire Between Us is about staying true to both conviction and desire.

“written with integrity so if your teen should read it, you wouldn't object.”—Mama C

 “Highly recommended for an evening of adventure."

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FALL 2021

Gifted with a perfect memory, sixteen-year-old misfit, Misty Grey, wishes only to forget her troubled past. Despising her ‘memory curse’ she struggles to help her mother and little brother, longing for a safe home, for acceptance, and love. When a group of international conspirators takes her captive, she must fight for her life. Hunted by high-level powers, she and a young man flee as fugitives in hopes of warning the authorities before it’s too late. Forsaking all, Misty must confront the forces bent on stopping her, no matter the cost, no matter the outcome, even for those she loves.


An action romance, Misty Grey is about a teen girl who displays steadfast courage and unrelenting sacrifice amidst harrowing trials as she unwittingly discovers who she was born to be, and what it means to be loved.


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